OneTaste Brighton


15 Nov 2009


Bunty, Le Jule and Lee, Inua Ellams, Mark Hole and Daniel Marcus Clark




7.30pm, Tickets: £5 adv/£7 door

Our last gig at Hanbury Club.

Yes ladies and gents, unfortunately The beautiful Hanbury Club will be closing. The final night of the club is our OneTaste night, so we’re going to be having a massive beautiful party and we’re going to send them off in style. Please come down and enjoy the entertainment and show your love to Chris, Amanda, Rachel and everyone else at The Hanbury for running such an amazing venue. See you on the 15th.


Bunty, Le Jule and Lee

Bunty, amazing looping vocalist from Brighton is infamous on the festival scenes for her solo work and singing in bands such as Resonators. She has recently started a new and quirky trio that combine looping, viola & 3 part harmony. We’re very excited about this OneTaste debut

Inua Ellams

OneTaste veteran and Edinburgh Fringe First award winner, Inua Ellams is one of the most brilliant poets on the UK spoken word scene. Magical, cheeky & capitvating.

Mark Hole

A totally unique voice – enormous, yet sensitive, part croon, part light tenor; with a warped and original songwriting talent, surreal moving and often downright deviant.

Daniel Marcus Clark

Lead story-teller of The infamous Hat has now gone solo and has some new beautiful stories to tell. Brighton local Daniel Marcus Clark will be showcasing he new one-man act on Sunday and for those of the that haven’t seen him before….imagine the best story ever told by the best voice in the world with magical music to boot.

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Inua Ellams - Hummingbird

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Mark Hole - Dirty Base