OneTaste Brighton


27 Sep 2009


The Half Sisters, Park Bench Poet, MC Xander, Stac; Tickets: £5 / £7;


The Hanbury Club, 83 St Georges Rd, Brighton, BN2 1EF £5 adv / £7 on door



The Half Sisters

In 2008 delightfully mischievous sisters Isadora, Freya-Rose & half sister Fifi started playing and creating music together.

The Half Sisters were born. Ukulele, flute, jazz drums and beautiful vocal harmonies.

They deliver a driven twist to indie music, adorable love ballads and arm flailing, feet stomping tunes.

I defy you not to beam back at them as they let you into their glorious bubble of joy.

Park Bench Poet

This stealth poet is somewhat of an inspiration to many artists who have had the pleasure of seeing him perform and is one of the few poets who, in our opinion, successfully makes that dangerous crossover between music and spoken word.

The result is uplifting and heartfelt.

MC Xander

A Rapper and beatboxer, this innovative artist uses nothing more than a mic, a pedal controlled sampler, an FX box and his own vocal chords to record, loop and edit the beats, sounds and words emanating from his mouth. Man’s got skills!


Lush harmonies gallore and the odd gorgeously deliberate note clash thrown in for good measure. Stac writes jazzy, soulful and sometimes uncomprehendably intricate tunes that leave hear audience beaming.

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The Half Sisters

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Park Bench Poet @ OneTaste, Secret Garden Party 09

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MC Xander - OneTaste's Festival Collection 08

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Stac - 'Whoops'