OneTaste Festival 09


08 Nov 2009


Newton Faulkner, The Correspondents, Bridgette Amofah, Park Bench Poet, David Goo, Gideon Conn, Sound of Rum, Stac, Inua Ellams, Laura Dockrill, Daniel Marcus Clark, Mark Hole, Kate Tempest, United Vibrations, Speakers Corner Quartet, The Adventurists, Benin City, The Half Sisters, The La De Dahs, David J, PoetiCat, Laura J Martin, Yap, Melox Marvels, Jono McCleery, Ross Sutherland, Brooke Sharkey, Charlie Dark, Jennifer White-Light, Kwake from SCQ, Salena Godden and more...


The Bedford, 77 Bedford Hill, Balham, SW12 9HD, £10 adv/£12 door



Thank you to everyone who came to the festival!!  Photos are now up of the event! (Look left to flickr block). Photos are by Craig Thomas, Blake Ezra-Cole, Eli Twinks and Kim Leng Hills are up now!  More photos and videos will be up soon. What an immense experience! Full of goodness, wow.  Hope to see you all soon. Dannii x

Stac and her choir in the Tavistock Room at the festival, taken by Victoria Keen.


We are back with our 4th OneTaste Festival!

TODAY!! Advanced online tickets will be available until 12pm today. After that you can buy ticktes on the door for £12. See you there!

ONE DAY AND NIGHT, 45 ACTS ON 3 FLOORS. A new breed of musicians, poets, alternative thinkers & practitioners, filmmakers, actors, DJs & dancers converge for the 1st time in a unique festival for London.

A 3 floor art explosion that allows you to feast of the highest calibre of creativity! Music, poetry, film, art, philosophy, workshops, parades, theatre, DJs, dancing, feeding and more! has just written a very nice article about it...CLICK HERE


P.S. Children come for free! (under 16’s allowed from 1-7pm)

P.P.S  Get there early! (1pm) The first 100 people through the door get an exclusive OneTaste goodie bag!

View full programme


Just added! Special guest NEWTON FAULKNER!

Newton Faulkner is coming back to his roots! Newton started out as an unsigned artist playing OneTaste’s first ever gig at The Bedford, Balham. 5 years on, with 3 million sales from a no. 1 album and his 2nd just released, Newton returns to play the festival!


The Correspondents

Bridgette Amofah

Park Bench Poet

David Goo

Gideon Conn

Joe Driscoll

Sound of Rum


Inua Ellams

Laura Dockrill

Daniel Marcus Clark

Mark Hole

Kate Tempest

United Vibrations

Speakers Corner Quartet

The Adventurists

Benin City

The Half Sisters

The La De Dahs

Alex Gwyther

David J


Laura J Martin


Melox Marvels


Ross Sutherland

Jono McCleery

Brooke Sharkey

Charlie Dark

Laura J Martin

Gabby Young and Other Animals

Kwake of SCQ

Jennifer White-Light

Fiona Bevan


Special Guests:


From the team that created ANTIC BANQUET festival 2008 (including the world’s biggest salad toss) and VALLEY OF THE ANTICS at Secret Garden Party 2008 and 2009 comes the Antic Ballroom – an entire room of positive, bouncy music and absurd fun.

On Stage:

The Worm – 21st century afro-reggae-garage to make you move’. Fresh from a massive festival summer, this charismatic London band combine African rhythms, melodies and instruments with original, surreal English songs in a wormy blend of pure goodness.

QDOS – brass banana womp tea party’ – Sam Richie’s QDOS perform original high energy balkan style ska and dub material with an all-star lineup including Brassroots’ Trombone Jerome and Honeyweasel’s Aaron Audio, brass section, drums, dj decks, guest vocals and dancers.

Resonators – Big dub! After supporting Horace Andy and murking it at Valley of the Antics at Secret Garden Party 2008 and 2009, we are thrilled to have them on the Antic Stage!

Resonators is a forward-thinking 8-piece dub reggae group from the South of England. They take in all the influences of the original Jamaican sounds and riddims, and bring it forward into the sounds of Here and Now.

DJs – Antic Selectahs (a fluid mix of Daddy Fe, DJ Sketchy, Mountain Girl, The Mighty Worm)

Plus Antics: Tea-dancing for the 21st century:

A mountain of homemade scones will be danced out to the crowd by the banqueteers, served with lashings of cream and jam freshly nabbed from our grandmothers’ pantries, as well as tea from a very large pot.

Corporate Crunching:

Tired of blaming the bankers for the crisis? Step into their shoes instead and discover the world of stocks and chairs – Antic style.

Plus! Pirate Gardening and The Planetarium

OneTaste Highlights & Features:

Charlie Morley

LUCID DREAMING WORKSHOP: Learn the art of Lucid Dreaming:

Charlie Morley has been studying Lucid Dream practices from both the Western Scientific and Tibetan Buddhist schools for over 6 years and was recently authorised by Lama Yeshe Rinpoche (the Abbot of the largest Buddhist temple in the West) to start teaching Lucid Dreaming. Charlie still retains his “day job” of running a performance collective called THROWDOWN and the last time he was on stage at One Taste was actually as a spoken word artist. The workshop will be focused on learning how to lucid dream and exploring the benefits of waking up within your dreams!

Tim Freke –

STANDUP PHILOSOPHY – Lucid Living talk – come listen, experience and talk with one of the UK’s most acclaimed philosophers and his Big Love theory.

Tim is the author of over twenty books that have established his reputation as a groundbreaking scholar and original free-thinker. First known for his work in unearthing hypocrisies in religion, getting his booked banned in some countries, he is best known for his groundbreaking work on Christian Gnosticism with his close friend Peter Gandy, including The Jesus Mysteries, which was a top 10 best-seller in the UK and USA, and a ‘Book of the Year’ in the UK Daily Telegraph.

Tim is also an innovative ‘stand-up philosopher’ – a concept he developed from the ancient idea of a philosopher as a travelling ‘spiritual entertainer’ who transformed people’s consciousness. I highly recommend coming to hear him talk, to listen, be inspired, to challenge and debate with. It’s an excellent mind and soul experience work out! come see for yourself.

1 Giant Leap –

FILM SCREENINGS and Q&A with Jamie Catto – The most amazing documentary of music and life ever.

1 Giant Leap, a ground breaking film made by Duncan Bridgeman and Jamie Catto, marks the 6 year journey of 2 music producers going round the world collecting sounds and thoughts from many different countries and cultures. From A list celebrities, guru’s to villagers, this film manages to unite humanity and deal with the common issues that every human will face whilst on this earth.

1 Giant Leap will be shown throughout the day and night in the Tavistock Room as The OneTaste Festival.

Folk in a Box

The smallest folk club in the world! Experience magical 1 on 1 folk performances inside a box. Brought to you by The Dispossessed crew. Featuring songs from Pepe Belmonte, Dom Coyote, Emily Barker, Jo Silverston Frank Doody and Ian M.Hale!

Yogabeats –

David Sye: The bad boy of yoga. Freak out Yoga classes where David breaks all the rules and teaches us all the meaning of letting it all hang out. Seriously amazing. David is of Russian descent, the son of a scientist mother and artist father. He has been practicing Yoga for over 20 years and has taken his unorthodox methods to troops in the Bosnian war, Gaza, Meditation courses in Tenerife, Abbey Rd Community Centre and Youths at Risk in Easter House, Glasgow and South London. Come and see what Yoga, when you break all the rules, looks like.

Bondage For Freedom Photo Booth-

Bondage for Freedom are a maverick bunch of creatives pooling their talents to rebel rouse the world into positive change. Led by Sam Roddick (Coco de Mer) and Jamie Catto (1 Giant Leap), BoF have become famous for their non-official arts protest marches in London. Never asking permission, teams of creative take to the streets filling London with creativity with an important humanitarian message at their core.

At the festival, Bondage for Freedom are setting up a photobooth filled with cages, gimp suits, slogans, fancy dress and more. You can dress up, have photos taken in cages with giant guns, create powerful visual statements, and these will all be posted onto the BoF facebook group after the Festival. Create images that say no to war, no to oppression, yes to freedom for all and creative liberation.

Bearded Kitten – facebook group

This crew, infamous for their Secret Garden Party silliness (remember the mud wrestling?), will be filling our experience with roaming antics and games. Watch out for them during the festival. You could be their next victim of silliness!

Come join us for the biggest OneTaste party of the year!!

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