OneTaste at The Bedford


16 Sep 2010


Bunty, Alex Iamb, Pepe Belmonte, OneTaste Choir, Sharlene Squire, Hollie McNish


The Bedford, 77 Bedford Hill, Balham, SW12 9HD.


doors 7pm

This is our first night back at The Bedford since April. And YES IT IS ON A THURSDAY! We are trying a week day to see if it makes getting home easier for you all. It's going to be beautiful night, it always is at this place. The line up is brand new and full of amazing talent.

You can book a table early by emailing

Tickets £8 adv/£10 door and we have limited early bird tickets available for £6

D x


Bunty is a Brighton – based musician and visual

artist. She is part of Beatabet collective. Live, Bunty uses just her voice, effects pedals and a mash of real and made-up languages. She whispers, bellows, beatboxes, claps, stamps and produces frenzied harmonies to create her music from scratch. Each show is different with a large portion of her sets relying on improvisation and off-the-cuff inspiration. Bunty flits deftly from beautifully serene choral soundscapes and psyche folk to stomping funkadelia and Arabian disco. 'Bunty produces almost entirely improvised, ambient, experimental space-pop.' -The Brighton Source – Dec 2009- 'At times haunting and other worldly, at others just plain beautiful, she's been going down a storm at festivals and venues around the uk' -Latest 7- Brighton -Dec 2008- Bunty also vocalises for: Carnival Collective , Resonators , Nhasitafarah, Beatabet Orchestra and her new trio Bunty, le jule . She co- curates multi- disciplinary arts events with BEATABET!

Link to Bunty

Alex Iamb

alex iamb is a stand-up poet, compere and Cambridge Area Co-Ordinator for Hammer & Tongue.He was born to kind, loving parents who have supported him unswervingly and without question in his every endeavour. He has consistently thrown this loyalty back in their faces by refusing to endeavour. At anything. Ever. Until now. A little while back some fool told alex he should stand up in front of a room full of people and have his already substantial ego massaged a little harder than usual. Oh dear. Since then he has been enthusiastically harrassing innocent members of the public at gigs and festivals all over the country, leaving literally tens of people slightly unsettled and a bit bemused. He has shared stages with such literary luminaries as Byron Vincent, Tim Clare, Kate Tempest, Attila The Stockbroker, Yanny Mac, Rhian Edwards and Salena Godden among others. God help them. It's all their own fault.

''alex iamb rips his heart from his rib cage and stands there laughing at it while it bleeds on the stage. A more entertainingly honest poet you will not find.'' Pete the Temp

Link to Alex Iamb

Pepe Belmonte

Bar-Room Folk: With his musical roots in Ireland and heart set in the Delta the guitar and vocal bring melodies you'll be whistling home to and lyrics that'll have you caught up and listening.

Pepe Belmonte is an acoustic folk-blues singer/ songwriter currently residing in London. He is known for playing personal arrangements of traditional blues songs including renditions of old favourites such as 'Ragged and Dirty', 'John Henry' and 'Make Me Down A Pallet'. Having grown up in rural south west Ireland, its not surprising to find a taste of Irish folk music in his set too. As much as these old blues and folk songs have inspired him, Pepe is also a sensitive songwriter with a formidable back catalogue. He has a strong sense of imagery, catchy melodies and a grand grasp of rhythm and rhyme. His bluesy guitar style and distinctive vocal and harmonica work have led him to collaborate with a number of musicians, artistic groups and bands.   His Debut album 'The Hermit's Waltz' will be available in Summer 2010 and a special edition home/hand-made 6 song analogue EP: '4-Track Analogue Recordings' is available at gigs.

Link To Pepe Belmonte

One Taste Choir

OneTaste Choir, a twenty-something strong ensemble of singers will be showcasing two new songs at this return to The Bedford. The choir have been very busy over the summer having gigs with Alice Russell and Stac and performing at Secret Garden Party and the Royal Opera House. Fresh from a well deserved break and rehearsals, we look forward to showcasing our new material to you.

Link To One Taste Choir

Sharlene Squire

Hello out there my name is Sharlene but everyone calls me CHARLIE

I am a creative type I have always been a musician and I also write check out everywednesday myspace I wrote that play!(its nuts) As am I, I love all music but not a big fan of rock, I am in the hatband thats also a myspace to look at and i am currently working with The Mak of all trades on my fourth album. I have never had a deal. I do it for the love.
I would like to find people in New York with a similar style to do some kind of Gig exchange also nice musical and creative friends to chat too cheers .

Hollie McNish

I started writing poetry from when I could write but just started reading in 2007. Since then, I've been all over the place performing at various schools, nights, clubs and festivals including Glastonbury and Latitude in 2010. I came 3rd representing the UK in 2009 in Paris, behind the US and Canada and love love love writing. I only write when something gets to me or gets my emotions going and have two albums currently on the go, to be released in June 2010.

link to Hollie Mcnish

'We look forward to having you with us!'

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  1. Kat Turner


    I saw Pepe Belmonte at The Bedford a couple of weeks ago. I’m trying to get hold of a CD of his music if he has one. Any ideas how?

    Thanks a lot,


  2. tsanko

    Wonderful ..thanks a lot for posting a good informitive blog

  3. Anonymous

    Superb blog post

  4. Jess

    Hi Kat! Here is a message back from Pepe:

    And greetings OneTaste,
    This is a response to Kat above.
    I’ve a copy (a few actually) of Pepe’s album!!
    Go to the MySpace link and send a message…

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