OneTaste presents…MC Xander 'eyeopeness'


23 Feb 2011


MC Xander with support from Bunty and DJ Bobby Gandolf


Vibe Live (upstairs at Vibe Bar)
91-95 Brick Lane
London, E1 6QL



The debut all-vocal album from the UK's most loved beatboxers and multi-vocalists is about to drop!

With a heady blend of mesmerising beats, glitchy choral earcandy and deep dubby bass, all topped with Xander’s conscious, yet poetic brand of lyricism and all sourced exclusively from Xander’s ever-versatile mouth, 'eyeopeness' is MC Xander's greatest creation to date.

The album takes its influences rhythmically and lyrically from hip-hop, dub-reggae, dancehall and dubstep, but in the wistful melodic sensibility that pervades throughout, it also nods towards song-based forms of electronica or ID.M.

So Love-dating-sex Collection From Oprah Relationship Expert″ target=”_blank”>get your tickets and come along to this critically acclaimed 'eyeopeness' launch!

“MC Xander is by far the most musical, and for me, the most talented beat-boxer out there. His live show is mesmerising, layer upon layer of sound all from the same pair of lungs. He is simply astonishing.” Eddy Temple-Morris, XFM DJ

“I'm absolutely blown away. It sounds fantastic, its as legitimate and as brilliant as any hip-hop piece that I have heard, and the fact that he’s done it all with his own gob is just breathtaking. It really

is.” Stephen Merchant – BBC Radio 6

With support from the brilliant, Bunty and fantastic DJ Bobby Gandolf (Wormfood)!

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  1. Beth Mbatu

    I can’t wait for this!

  2. zsuzsu

    link for the tickets not working!

  3. Jess

    Hi Zsuzsu,

    Thank you for flagging this up; I’ve just checked the link and it is working for me. I have also checked it in all web browsers so it should be ok. Let me know if it’s not and I will email it to you.

    Big love,

    Jess x

  4. David

    I’m there! I saw Xander play at the OT festival and it was incredible!

  5. Bradley

    I just saw his spaceship earth vid, really truly breathtaking – I’m really trying hard to make it down for this… 🙂

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MC Xander 'eyeopeness' Album Launch - 23rd Feb 2011, Vibe Bar