OneTaste at The Bedford


19 Jun 2011


Holly Walker, Andy Craven-Griffiths, Moats & Thrones, Raymond Antrobus, More Like Trees & OneTaste Choir! Hosted by PARADOX!!


The Bedford
77 Bedford Hill
SW19 7HD



OneTaste is back in South London! After a few months on our new venture East, we’ve come home for a very special show all hosted by our most lovely friend/performer/poet/bundle of joy: PARADOX!!″ target=”_blank”>BUY your tickets in advance now and it even reserves you a seat too – only the first 35 get it though so buy quickly…

Line up:

Holly Walker

A member of our OneTaste Collective, Holly describes herself as a London girl, lives in Camden, plays the ivories and sings like a small hungry bird. But we know she is a lot more! Classically informed piano and razor sharp vocals collide with scatty, homemade beats and whatever gritty sounds she can crank out of her laptop. Channeling everything from folk to hip hop to dubstep, this stuff makes you want to throw shapes, yet is driven always by soulful, intelligent lyrics. In fact, it is the lyrics that define each of Holly’s songs as she describes her

songwriting process as ‘poems put to music’, and it is clear that this girl has plenty to say!

Link to Holly Walker.

Andy Craven-Griffiths

Born and bred in Leicester, Andy is the middle child of seven and always had to fight for attention. He started writing out of anger and carried on because he loved saying things and liked it when people listened. Andy’s poetry is witty, astute and sentimental all in one. His poetry possesses a natural charm and an insight. He’s also John Berkavitch’s brother!

Link to Andy Craven-Griffiths.

Moats & Thrones

Moats & Thrones is Alice Grant (Alice and The Cool Dudes, Fulborn Teversham) and Tom Herbert (The Invisible, Polar Bear). Their intimate and stripped-back music centers around Alice’s haunting and beautiful vocals and the deep, rich sound of Tom’s double bass. After a stonking set at OneTaste & The Wheel present FLOCK, we just had to ask them to come on down!

Raymond Antrobus

Raymond Antrobus is a spoken word artist, photographer, poet and writer, born and bred in Hackney. He is co-curator of Chill Pill/Keats Forum and has performed along side authors and poets such as Margret Atwood, Michael Horovitz, Lemm Sissay, Polarbear and Inua Ellams. He is the International Farrago Slam Champion 2008, Anti-Slam Champ 2010 and won Best Performance by a London Poet at the Farrago annual poetry awards 2010. He’s performed at Literature Festivals at London’s Southbank Centre and Universities across London, Manchester and Coventry. Raymond has also toured internationally from Berlin, Venice, New York & Chicago. He is one half of ‘Speed Camera Shy’; a music project that combines Spoken Word/Rap with Dub Step signed with American Underground label Audio Gradient. Raymond Antrobus is a member of one of the world’s leading collectives of spoken-word artists known as, ‘A Poem inbetween People’, (or PiP) who have been described as “London’s hottest spoken word talent” by The Times.

Link to Raymond Antrobus.

More Like Trees

Comprising of an ever-changing and constantly evolving line-up of talented and diverse musicians, More Like Trees figurehead the north London warehouse movement. With elements of drum n bass, flamenco, ska, dance and indie, they fuse styles and sounds with effortless and captivating ease.

Frontman Josh Whitehouse and brother Matt lead the charge, accompanied by Orlando Seal and the swell double bassist Lachlan Radford, MC Tali and husband on vocals and decks and an ever changing assortments of peripheral contributors.

“In a nut shell, over many seasons, leaves have fallen, seeds have burrowed and sprouted and are now beginning to grow,” explains Josh. “All in the same field, but growing various different fruits. Hope you like da taste of our tasty, juicy fruits! We’re organic. It’s only right.”

Link to More Like Trees.

OneTaste Choir

The OneTaste Choir, led by soul singer, Stac, perform close harmony a cappella songs at nearly every OneTaste event. The Choir have collaborated with artists such as Alice Russell, Inua Ellams, Aloe Blacc and many other OneTaste and non-OneTaste artists on special arrangements to add something magic to their music and spoken word. It’s an amazing thing having 15 girls singing together and we know how much you love them too!

Link to OneTaste Choir.

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