OneTaste at The Bedford: September Show!


11 Sep 2011


The Smokey Taps, Milly Blue, Pino Yeats (Pepe Belmonte), Natasha Moskovici & Jack Dean!!


The Bedford
77 Bedford Hill, Balham, London, SW12 9HD



So the ‘Summer’ is drawing a close but we have a stupendous line-up for our OneTaste at The Bedford: September Show it will still feel like Summer inside!

We’re so looking forward to coming back to The Bedford for

this very special show!

All hosted by AF Harrold!


The Smokey Taps

The Smokey Taps are a dynamic and entertaining swing band that provides high-energy swing, gypsy jazz, bebop and other classic jazz styles. They have a blinding reputation for getting the whole joint swinging.

Their repertoire features jazz hits from the swing era to the 1950’s – including songs made famous by Billie Holliday, Louis Armstrong, Bessie Smith, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Cab Calloway and much more.

Link to The Smokey Taps

Milly Blue

Having first sung professionally with Basement Jaxx, Milly Blue‘s musical journey has taken her worldwide, from New York to Paris, Southport to Hull. Armed with a ukulele, loop pedal and a voice to tempt ships to the rocks, she weaves stories of love and loss, horrifying monsters, museum curators and the most deathly revenge. Soulfully jazzy with a folky lilt, let her sound surround you.

Link to Milly Blue

Pino Yeats

Pino Yeats (aka Pepe Belmonte) is an acoustic folk-blues singer/ songwriter currently residing in London. He is known for playing personal arrangements of traditional blues songs including renditions of old favourites such as: Ragged and Dirty, John Henry and Make Me Down A Pallet. Having grown up in rural south west Ireland, its

not surprising to find a taste of Irish folk music in his set too. As much as these old blues and folk songs have inspired him, Pino Yeats is also a sensitive songwriter with a formidable back catalogue. He has a strong sense of imagery, catchy melodies and a grand grasp of rhythm and rhyme. His bluesy guitar style and distinctive vocal and harmonica work have led him to collaborate with a number of musicians, artistic groups and bands. His Debut album The Hermit’s Waltz is available and a special edition home/hand-made 6 song analogue EP: 4-Track Analogue Recordings is available at gigs.

Natasha Moskovici

Natasha Moskovici started writing and performing poetry whilst living on a beach in Thailand and has now been performing in London for the past year. She’s still waiting to find out what she’s going to be when she grows up!

Jack Dean

MC and poet Jack Dean was born in Tooting, raised in the southwest UK and likes to wander all over the place telling stories of love, loneliness, nostalgia and midget porn. He has toured slams, theatres and festivals across the country and holds highest Pac-Man score of anyone he knows.

Link to Jack Dean

Tickets on the door: £10.00
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