OneTaste Festival 2011


06 Nov 2011


Alice Russell, Jono McCleery, John Adeleye, BANE, Laura J Martin, Moulettes, Holly Walker, Nick Mulvey, Swing Dance Session with The Magic Number, John Berkavitch, A.F. Harrold, Alex Gwyther, Dougie Hastings, Franky and the Jacks, DJ’s John Hendicott and My Therapist, Sabrina Mahfouz, Natasha Moskovici, Gideon Conn, Amber States, Fiona Bevan, OneTaste Choir, Wah Wah 45s with Stac, iKestra, LV and Joshua and DJ’s Dom Servini and Scrimshire; The Moringa Tree Charity; Arena Artist Cabaret, Burlesque, Clown Dance Theatre, Contemporary Dance and Swing, OneTaste Café run by superfoodsupercook Ben Dwyer, The Laughing Workshop, Psychedelic Kidnap Experience and Live Art and exhibition with Sri McKinnon - PLUS MORE!


The Bedford
77 Bedford Hill, Balham, London, SW12 9HD



OneTaste Festival 2011 is the independent grassroots festival for London that showcases the best new musicians, poets, actors, artists, DJs & dancers.

OneTaste’s 6th annual festival is this collectives highlight event of the year. This renowned music and spoken word collective, made their name by helping launch some of the UK’s most amazing talent: Newton Faulkner, Jamie Woon, Portico Quartet, Little Dragon, Scroobius Pip, Polarbear, Jono McCleery and Kate Tempest to name a few, have all performed as part of the OneTaste Collective founded by Director Dannii Evans and singer Jamie Woon in December 2004.







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Alice Russell

We are so, so very excited about this wonderful lady gracing our stage. Alice Russell and OneTaste have been friends for a while now. The OneTaste Choir led by Stac accompanied Alice at her incredibly beautiful acoustic show in May last year, held at the glorious Union Chapel. There was not a dry eye in the house!

Alice also features on our OneTaste Collective Album Vol. 2 with a very special version of her song Universe. Yet, rather surprisingly we have never quite managed to synchronise our diaries for an exclusive, OneTaste performance…UNTIL NOW! There will be candles, magic, surprises and a distinct awareness of the hairs on the back of your neck. Come! Let us be loving Alice Russell!

Link to Alice Russell

Jono McCleery

Having just released his album There Is with Ninja Tune, we are are more than delighted to welcome Jono McCleery back onto our OneTaste stage. His voice is incredible and rich. His melodies are heartbreakingly beautiful and his songs intoxicating. Accompanied by The Dans on bass guitar and drums, Jono’s set at this years OneTaste Festival is going unforgettable.

Link to Jono McCleery

John Adeleye

The last time John ‘JNay’ Adeleye was on our stage was way back in 2008 just after he released his spectacular debut EP Merry Go Round. Since then a lot and nothing has changed.  He is still a MOBO Award-Winning artist with a utterly beautifully soulful voice, that transcends generations.  He may be working in a nursing home for dementia patients as an activities coordinator and you may or may not have seen him on last years X-Factor! But we’re just simply thrilled to have him back in the warm fold of the OneTaste family.

Link to John Adeleye

Bane (Pt 3)

Unfortunately there just don’t seem to be enough adjectives in the English dictionary to describe how bloody great we think Bane is.  Captivating, enthralling, fascinating and hilarious just don’t seem to do it.

Join hired hand Bruce Bane and 79 other characters as he shoots from the hip and asks questions later in the outstanding 3rd part of this movie pastiche that is BANE. Fusing the physical genius of Joe Bone and musical talent of Ben Roe, this one man film noir parody is a: “pitch perfect satire of the highest order.” (The National Arts Service).

Link to Bane

Laura J Martin

Laura J Martin is the solo artist that sounds like a beat orchestra! Flute, amazing vocals, beat looping, piano playing and stories of Japanese female arsonists. These are some of the many reasons we love Laura J Martin. We can’t wait to march along with the Liverpudlian folk pixie!

Link to Laura J Martin


For OneTaste, the Moulettes are a little bit special.  They always seem to bring an element of ruckus magic to their shows and build the audience up into a frenzy!  Their beautifully weird, exciting and quirky music as well as their aesthetically pleasing outfits, always make it a real pleasure to embrace on the OneTaste stage. The Moulettes charismatic, idiosyncratic brand of modern folk music which incorporates elements of prog-rock, gypsyclassical and swing enthralled crowds at festivals up and down the country, including Larmer Tree, Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party and Latitude. We can’t wait to have them back!

Link to Moulettes

Holly Walker

Holly Walker looks like and angel, sings like an angel and if you don’t pay attention could possibly be mistaken for an angel, but don’t be fooled! Her lyrics are devilish.  Her songs will have you laughing until you realise that she did in fact sing that word you thought you’d mistakenly mis-heard. Her voice is powerful, crisp and delightful. We just love her.

Link to Holly Walker

Nick Mulvey

Nick Mulvey, long standing OneTaste Collective member since his days playing with Portico Quartet is kicking off The Globe Theatre’s musical antics armed with just his voice and a trusty guitar. Expect half an hour of beautiful melodies matched with perfectly chosen chord progressions, captivating stories and lyrics sung with such heartfelt delivery that they could only belong to a man named Mulvey.

Link to Nick Mulvey

John Berkavitch

John Berkavitch is back from a two year hiatus in Cambodia and we have to be honest…we are rather pleased about that! Fresh from giving a TEDX talk about The Art of Embarrassment, John Berkavitch will be delighting us with his obnoxious and hilarious poetry. We can’t wait!

Link to John Berkavitch

A.F. Harrold

Now why would we want a brilliantly funny, charismatic, intelligent poet like A.F. Harrold to perform at the OneTaste Festival?  Well A.F. Harrold performs for adults and children, in cabaret and in schools, in bars and in basements, in fields and indoors. He is the owner of many books, a handful of hats, a few good ideas and one very lovely beard.

Link to A.F. Harrold

Dougie Hastings

Dougie Hastings is one of those spoken word artists you are pretty sure you are gonna like and then actually end up loving. His poetry is powerful, pumped with wit and a human desperation. His delivery effortlessly slides from deadpan to passionate and he has the ability to hook you up onto each and every word…leaving you hanging until you pump your fists in agreement and ask him when his self-help book is going to come out!

Link to Dougie Hastings

Natasha Moskovici

Natasha Moskovici is a fairly new addition to the OneTaste fold but by jove, we just can’t get enough of this scrumptious wonder.  She has a warmth and sincerity to her poetry that just seems to leave you wanting more and more.  Natasha is captivating whilst making you chuckle and sometimes gasp! We are delighted she will be joining us at this years OneTaste Festival!

Link to Natasha Moskovici

Sabrina Mahfouz

Sabrina Mahfouz is a poet, playwright and creative who began her career in politics and journalism but realised real life was overrated; she preferred living in her mix of modern fairytales and magical realism. She recently won the Westminster Prize with her first short play, That Boy, which was performed at Soho Theatre was included in the critically acclaimed show End of the Line.  Sabrina has also just been announced as a Creative in Residence at The Hospital Club in the categories of Theatre & Poetry!

Link to Sabrina Mahfouz

Alex Gwyther

Surrey based wordsmith and aspiring children’s writer Alex Gwyther’s Hip-Hop influenced poetical prose covers short stories and poems about everyday life … and the little bits in between.

“When someone has raw skill and a self awareness that makes it natural you can’t really touch them. Alex has two big bags of both. Ace’  –  Polarbear

Link to Alex Gwyther


Swing Dance Session with The Magic Number

This year at the OneTaste Festival we thought we might like to do something different and have a whole 2 hour swing dance session!

There are two brilliant factors about this session. The first is that we will have two pretty highly regarded Swing Dance and Lindy Hop teachers to teach us all how to do it properly. The second

is that we will be learning to dance to the soundtrack of The Magic Number a four piece swing band that have been purveyors of Dirty, Dixy, Gypsy swing since 2001. Excited? We are!

Link to The Magic Number

Franky and the Jacks

Franky and the Jacks have brought many a smile to many a face over the last year at our OneTaste events. So, how could we keep them from you at this years festival? We we couldn’t…so come, dance, sing, swing and be merry. There is no way in hell you will be able to resist their guitar, double bass, violin, harmonica and 4 part harmony yielding, foot stomping charms!

Link to Franky and the Jacks

Wah Wah 45s’ presents…

LV and Joshua Idehen

Independent and super duper record label Wah Wah 45s run regular club & live sessions at The Scala, Queen of Hoxton, The Vibe Bar, Favela London, Jazz Cafe, Big Chill Bar and many, many more worldwide and they are popping down with iKestra, Stac and LV and Joshua Idehen for a spectacularly special set from the godfather’s of the label DJs Dom Servini & Scrimshire.

Link to Wah Wah 45s

The Moringa Tree presents…New Sounds of Africa 

The wonderful people at The Moringa Tree charity will be taking over the Ballroom for a wee while, hosting the toe-tapping band that is AJ Holmes & The Hackey Empire, as well as African drum’n’bass duo Mashasha & Sam in collaboration with Focus Organization!

We can’t wait to have them all down!

Link to The Moringa Tree charity


My Therapist

From Motown to 1990’s slow jams and 50’s Rockabilly, My Therapist is sooooo totally going to blow your minds.

Link to DJ My Therapist

John Hendicott

John Hendicott. Everyone loves John Hendicott. John will be spinning some of the finest records known to man, guaranteed to set the mood and get your head nodding. But be warned, John does have a dark side.

Link to DJ John Hendicott


The OneTaste show with Gideon Conn

The genius that is our Gideon Conn will be hosting a two hour, traditional OneTaste show filled to the brim with some of our favourite acts from this years festival season. Amber States, Fiona BevanOneTaste Choir, John Berkavitch, A.F. Harrold and of course the man himself Gideon Conn will all be playing at what we are sure is going to be one of the many highlights of this years festival.

Gideon ConnGideon Conn has been wowing our audiences for almost as long as we can remember. His unique songs and wonderful delivery have won over the hearts of many and we couldn’t be more delighted that he has agreed to host our OneTaste show at this years festival.

Fiona BevanFiona Bevan has the voice of a songbird, the charm of a maiden and the song writing skilz of a daemon. She writes playful, jazz tinged folk songs and will be performing songs from her latest album Plant Your Heart.

Amber States – When the Amber States boys packed out the OneTaste tent at Love Box Festival earlier this year we knew we were on to a good thing. Handsomely talented and laden with catchy hooks, dreamy melodies, exhilarating builds and toe tapping rhythms these boys have ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ is.

OneTaste Choir – The OneTaste Choir, led by soul singer, Stac, perform close harmony a cappella songs at nearly every OneTaste event. The Choir have collaborated with artists such as Alice RussellInua EllamsAloe Blacc and many other OneTaste and non-OneTaste artists on special arrangements to add something magic to their music and spoken word. It’s an amazing thing having 15 girls singing together and we know how much you love them too!

A.F. Harrold – Now why would we want a brilliantly funny, charismatic, intelligent poet like A.F. Harrold to perform at the OneTaste Festival?  Well A.F. Harrold performs for adults and children, in cabaret and in schools, in bars and in basements, in fields and indoors. He is the owner of many books, a handful of hats, a few good ideas and one very lovely beard.

John Berkavitch – John Berkavitch is back from a two year hiatus in Cambodia and we have to be honest…we are rather pleased about that! Fresh from giving a TEDX Talk about The Art of EmbarrassmentJohn Berkavitch will be delighting us with his obnoxious and hilarious poetry. We can’t wait!

Arena Artists Cabaret

Come; be cheeky; take a peek…

Produced and hosted by Lotan Sapir, the Arena Artists will be taking over with Franky and the Jacks for their full on Cabaret extravaganza!

Performers on the night will be: Flavia Bertam, Margharita Franceschi, Zoe Cobb, Daniel Hernandez, Jo Below, Milly Blue, Tina in the Green Dress, Adam Tafler, Alice Cade…PLUS MORE!

Link to Arena Artists


Dance: Burlesque, Clown Dance Theatre, Contemporary Dance and Swing

Food: OneTaste Café run by superfoodsupercook Ben Dwyer

Workshops: The Laughing Workshop & Psychedelic Kidnap Experience

Art: Live Art and exhibition with Sri McKinnon: Sri McKinnon is a talented, acclaimed visual artists and illustrator. Her work is highly influenced by her youth in Indonesia, her love of hip-hop culture and Sri’s own ever-present glorious femininity. Sri will be exhibiting her latest works as well as live painting on the day.

Link to Sri McKinnon

For all Press Enquiries – please contact Jess Fleming at:

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