Jamie Woon + Special Guests at The Scala


11 Nov 2015


Jamie Woon + Special Guests


275 Pentonville Road London N1 9NL UK



Jamie Woon our co-founder of OneTaste back in 2004, has got a special show at the Scala in Kings Cross, London. 

Jamie Woon is a singer-songwriter from London whose stirring sound is a fresh and atmospheric take on R’n’B with an indefinable yet distinctly British slant. Possessing a strikingly expressive voice and a unique guitar style, Jamie’s performances are genuine, moving and soulful. Sometimes singing solo armed with a guitar or simply a microphone and a loop sampler, but more often backed by his band, building progressive and compelling accompaniments to the songs he sings; where the groove, the music and the melodies become beautifully intertwined.

Woon is always hard at work, troubadour style, building a live following all over Europe and the UK.

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