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PRSF supports MASS!


The PRS For Music Foundation has just announced that it will be supporting our new project for 2017! OneTaste/Borderless Project is releasing a unique collaborative project and mixtape, revolving around an unreleased composition from the legendary Fela Kuti, to unite multi-generational London mainstream and underground artists and use music as a tool to influence social change. […]


Master Class Retreat


OneTaste is bringing together a choice group of artists from music, poetry and dance backgrounds to explore new myth, stories and language and rites of passage for our society. The aim is to articulate the current collective narrative and a new vision of humanity for our times. We will soon announced the artists embarking on […]


Nick Mulvey & Kate Tempest Nominated for Mercury Prize


Wow, what a year for music in the UK. We’re now in our 10th year as a platform for new music and spoken word and Our Sizegenetics website one of the greatest things about getting to 10 is looking years back and seeing the journeys that artists and OneTaste family have taken and what impact […]


OneTaste Summer Adventures


So Ladies and Gentlemen. OneTaste Fam. After a long rest from the world of events and festival madness, OneTaste is back with newly invigorated energy for breaking bread, sharing music and meeting in the beats to groove our way into trance states through the summer months! We put together a plan to inspire the whole […]



12.12.2013(contains video)

We are finally ready to share the first track from Borderless Beats experimental music sessions   As a treat Borderless Minds will be free to download  We would also love to share our raw 1 take video of Borderless Minds WATCH IT HERE DOWNLOAD IT HERE We hosted our first creative retreat in the summer […]


Introducing 47 SOUL

20.09.2013(contains video)

  47 Soul play with OneTaste again next month for one night only.   This fresh new band played their first UK gigs in London over the summer of 2013. The city was not the same after they left. They toured UK festivals, performed to a sold out crowd at the launch party of Borderless Beats, […]


Z The People speaks!


Z The People recently teamed up OneTaste video crew to make a new one-shot video as a farmacia italiana online response to the recent Gaza bombings on YouTube channel videoisahumanright.  Z's new song is called Stop the Rain, click on the below to watch. free credit score check zp8497586rq


Gideon Conn's: TAKE IT ALL Album Launch


The wonderfully amazing Gideon Conn is releasing his latest album and wants to share and celebrate it with YOU! Unique Mancunian songster Gideon Conn is returning fast cash online to London with the release of his second album: TAKE IT ALL. An extraordinary record, showing Gideon at the height of his song crafting powers. The […]


A few days later…I love you Tlahui


A cacophony of scales and arpeggios permeate the air around the whole school as I wake at 6 am, when I walk towards the canteen, to eat and finally lay to rest every night! From 5 am the students are up and busy with tasks, such as breaking enough eggs to constitute a satisfactory breakfast […]


First days at CECAM Music School in Tlahuitoltepec


So, I arrived in the small town of Tlahuitoltepec after three hours of climbing up an incredibly windy road out of Oaxaca city – away from most things up here on the top of a mountain. It’s a music school (called CECAM) with around 200 students and only six music teachers. No string teachers because it’s […]