Jazz hands at the ready…

Well this month I have been absolutely no where unlike Stac and Debbie; well

apart from cycling to work, moving house, exploring the new neighbourhood, sending and receiving some of the most ridiculous emails, as well as posting like a nutter on Facebook and Twitter…it’s been rather a quiet month!

I may be surrounded by musicians, creative and very talented folk a lot of the time. But for me, music is simply entertainment and if I have anything to do with making it, it’s more like torture!

So I abstain. It’s just not humane! (I can however, rhyme! HA!)

Jazz is not something I would choose to listen too, however, it is something I can appreciate. So to expand my musical braincells, I skipped along to the magnificent 606 Club.

Why one has to ‘buzz’ in through a very heavy metal gate to get in, in the heart of Chelsea I don’t think I will ever understand, but after a little sniggle I entered my first proper Jazz Club *jazz hands*!

I ended up experiencing the delights of Theo Jackson and his band and then also (bonus!) Steve Melling feat. Andy Cleyndert and Miles Levin. I must say Jackson was rather cheesy but thank goodness it was up-tempo! Saving grace for him was his brilliant MOBO award-winning saxophonist Nathaniel Facey; wow!

Afterwards, I certainly felt more learned with regards to the experience alone. Do I understand it any more than when I first struggled to open that metal gate? No. But I will certainly be back and you never know – I might actually recognise something at some point!

Now back to social media and

email purgatory – I bloody well hope some of you at least are reading


See you on Sunday for our OneTaste Festival – I have a special outfit in store….oooooooo!

Jess x

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