Joe Driscoll – 'Mixtape Champs'

The American one man band that is Joe Driscoll is currently making is way around the big apple that is New York on his Winter Tour 2011 whilst making, video editing and releasing his latest sample of wonderment that is Mixtape Champs from his latest album of the same name.

This brilliantly produced video will give you little goosebumps to match the creeping smile that spreads across your face as you reminisce the good old teenage years spelled out in Joe&#0

39;s lyrics.

With nods to those who influenced his childhood and subsequently his own taste in music and creativity, one lady jumped out at me, our very own Kate Tempest. Along with his beat boxing hip hop style minus the harmonica, he adds a lovely sax into the mix, which creates that glistening cherry on top.  Beautifully written and another iconicly amazing track from the

wonder that is Joe Driscoll.

Proud – very proud indeed!

Mixtape Champs is available from his Joe Driscoll StoreiTunes & Amazon.

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Joe Driscoll 'Mixtape Champs'

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  1. steve

    Joe is my friend, he played a joint I ran years ago. I love this vid. Really well done & yes, you’re right, the sax is a soothing cherry type thang, DJ Afar also adds texture.