OneTaste Festival – what's all the fuss about?

OneTaste has been going since 2004 and right from the off we decided that the best thing we could give annually as an offering to the arts community and audiences of London is an annual festival.

So why a festival? Nearing winter? Are we maaaaaaaad?

Yes and No.

So WHY…? By the end of this Sunday we will have done six OneTaste Festivals and each year a new reason comes up as to why a

festival is important and why we love it – here are a few:

1: November; everything’s gone dark! We feel it is about the right time to raise a glass to the summer gone, remember what it’s like to go on an adventure from stage to stage but all from the comfort of a cosy pub that has so many rooms, nooks, crannies and medieval plaques that it can never get boring. The Bedford is literally the best venue in London for this…in my opinion.

2: We ask ourselves a question: How much inspiration can you feasibly stuff in one venue in one day? It was bonkers. You might think that the 50 acts that we got this year is a lot… the first few festivals I think there were close to 75 acts playing over 12 hours on 3 floors! Each year we have been trying out new formats, collaborating with new folk, adding art forms, workshops and adventures into the mix to find what really reflects the mentality of London life.

3: I’m trying to find a way to talk about it without sounding really…: “kum ba yahhhhhhhhhhhhh”! But there really is a strong sense of community! I use that word with a squeemish uncomfortable feeling in my belly, but whilst none of us I’m sure would want to subscribe to something, get all exclusive, and be like: “Yahhhhh, I’m a member of….”

It is something rare to find and personally for me, after living in London nearly all my life, it is the one thing that I would like more of, to make this metropolis a bit more manageable. Knowing that I can turn up somewhere and have a great time with friends and strangers alike. So before I launch into a rendition of the Cheers theme tune, I would just like to say that I have observed that this festival for the past 6 years has created a space where people can talk to anyone and make those weird and wonderful moments and connections that seem to only be saved for the festival fields of June, July and August.

4: On top of that of course there is also the fact that this festival is packed with more talent than Stevie Wonder’s little finger (I refrain from identifying a larger body part as in my opinion Stevie is GOD…any more and I’d be in fear of dishonouring my Deity)…

So why we must remain humble about all we do and present at OneTaste? The artists, the talented people that you come to see and who live to create beauty on this planet, are the BEST of what we have seen and experienced all year on our travels.

We desire to inspire your cold winter Sunday and warm your London lifestyles with more music, more poetry, more theatre, food, cabaret, laughs and dancing than is safely recommended for any persons sanity.

Dannii x

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