Ooh…Debbie à Paris

What with Stac off in New York and I just coming back from a weekend in Paris you’d think that we at OneTaste wer

e off sauntering about sipping champagne and cocktails all the time in lavish cosmopolitan cities (we wish!)

Well it was a wonderful weekend and a welcome break from the hecticness of having two jobs and a little restbite before the crazyness that is the OneTaste Festival.

One thing that I must tell you about whilst I was in gay Paris was that I re-discovered an old love of mine. Ooh La La!

I wish I could say that it was a beautiful tall, dark, handsome French man but alas, no, but maybe something better!?! (Is that possible?)

My long lost friend that is FIP radio!

FIP and I had a wonderful love affair during my days in Brighton. For some reason you can only listen to it on the actual radio in Paris and Brighton, what’s that about? Anyway, I implore you to check

it out. You can listen to it by streaming from their website!

The reason I love it so much is the wonderful diversity of the station. One minute you are listening to some crazy Jazz, the next French Hip-Hop, after that a beautiful classical piece and then a typically French style ditty. Anyway, check it out, if you don’t like it then hey, don’t listen again!

Much love and until the next time…

Au Revoir,

Debbie x x

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