Unleashed in NYC!

I’m in

New York!

I’ve been here just over 24 hours and I’ve already been to Macy’s!

This is something that has shocked me since I very much dislike shopping. Macy’s is not exciting.

It was

the opposite actually, but my friend Katie and I both needed tights and it seemed appropriate to kill two birds with just the one stone. Site seeing and essential hosiery purchasing. There was one redeeming feature though…

The 1930s wooden escalators. They are amazing!

I had no idea they existed, so they actually made trawling up and down un-signed and overly complicated and confusing floors a treat! They look ace and they make the most wonderful mechanical noises. Wood on wood is one of my favourite sounds.

Last night we stumbled upon Smalls Jazz Club. We were greeted at the door by who we later found to be the owner, who told us that The Stones saxophonist was playing and that we should go down and have a look, but we mustn’t be disappointed as there was no likelihood of Mick Jagger turning up.

He was right. Mick didnt turn up but we weren’t disappointed.

The saxophonist was duetting with a pianist and it was exactly what my jet-lagged and excruciatingly tired ears wanted to listen to.

Tonight we are off to Soho House to play Musical Bingo with Jess Indeedy.

I’m gonna get a full house. I can feel it!

Stac x

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