Gideon Conn's: TAKE IT ALL Album Launch

The wonderfully amazing Gideon Conn is releasing his latest

album and wants to share and celebrate it with YOU!

Unique Mancunian songster Gideon Conn is returning

to London with the release of his second album: TAKE IT ALL. An extraordinary record, showing Gideon at the height of his song crafting powers. The record opens with lead single Fall Under Tokyo, a pumping radio tune with pure pop beats, soaring synths and Gideon‘s mellow-sweet vocal.

Gideon has been astonishing UK audiences for numerous years now with his joyous, thought provoking, soulful and eccentric music: The people of Britain may not know it yet, but Gideon Conn is a national treasure. – Scroobius Pip

So what’s the deal?

Get yourself down to The Lexington, 96-98 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9JB on WEDNESDAY 6th JUNE and !

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