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47 Soul play with OneTaste again next month for one night only.


This fresh new band played their first UK gigs in London over the summer of 2013. The city was not the same after they left. They toured UK festivals, performed to a sold out crowd at the launch party of Borderless Beats, and by popular demand, they are returning to play their 3rd London live show at The Flyover, Portobello this October.

47 Soul have become an integral part of the Borderless Beats movement and collectively came into being after OneTaste booked four talented individuals from different regions of the Levant to be part of our project.

47 Soul are: El Far3i, MC and darbouka player, Z The People, on keys and vocals, eL-Medium, MC and daf player, and El Jehaz, guitar and vocals. Each have their own band and music projects back home, from Amman to Ramallah to Galilee. Initially booked as individual artists with their own projects, after meeting began to jam. A unique, energetic and fresh sound emerged. The music couldn’t stop. They became 47 Soul, and fittingly, together we voyaged into our very live first Borderless Beats.

It is a rare sight to see a band gain such a passionate following so rapidly – we put it down to incredible music making and the message behind the music. Laying down Arabic Reggae, Hip Hop, and Mijwez solos overtop of Debka, Rai, and Afrobeat grooves, this is real revolution party music.

Their energy and commitment to mastering the art of musical performance and upholding their message of freedom and equality resonated with hundreds of people who witnessed their performances over the summer Borderless Beats tour. This brand new act have amassed fans in the Middle East and the UK bringing the energy of a Palestinian wedding to underground music scenes.

El Far3i

ma man El Far3i is a Palestinian drummer, lyricist, rapper and songwriter based in Amman, Jordan. One of the most prominent hip hop artists in the region, El Far3i uses his personal and socially conscious lyrics to express himself through singing and rapping over top of a guitar or over a beat made by various regional and international producers.

Link to El Far3i

Z the People

zgazaHailing from the land of America, Z the People grew up singing soul and shouting at men in suits in Washington D.C. After graduating from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Z followed his nomadic heart and left the US to study and share music with folks of different cultures. His travels took him deep inside music scenes in places like Cuba, Mali, Greece, and finally, back to his roots in Palestine to wail his message of union and communion in Gaza and the West Bank.

Link to Z the People

Walaa Sbait

راس الجبلBorn in Haifa and raised between the mountains of the Galilee and the Mediterranean, Walaa is the son of a displeased Palestinian family from the village of Iqrit. Walaa is a community-art activist, devoting himself to popular art and third-world creativity as means of social change and community empowerment. He uses Palestinian folklore dance and poetry alongside African roots and hip-hop to reach the goal. Co-founder of the Ministry of Dub-key musical/cultural project, dancer, actor, and vocalist, Walaa now lives on the ruins of his grandfathers’ village, alongside a group of third generation refugees from Iqrit, implanting return as an action and not as a dream.

Link to Walaa Sbait 

El Jehaz

hamza (El Jihaz) photoEl Jehaz is a multi-talented electric guitarist, percussionist, songwriter, and music producer that made a name for himself associated with Autostrad, and his collaborations with El Far3i, 47Soul, while producing some of Jordan’s freshest hip-hop.


Together eL-Medium, Z The People, El Jehaz and El Far3i bring the energy of a Palestinian wedding, mixed with rai, reggae, hip-hop, and Arabic music.  Messages of freedom will be spit over top of beats from the Levant …a true new celebration of roots culture.


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47 SOUL - 'Africa to Palestine'

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