Nick Mulvey & Kate Tempest Nominated for Mercury Prize


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Wow, what a year for music in the UK. We’re now in our 10th year as a platform for new music and spoken word and Our Sizegenetics website one of the greatest things about getting to 10 is looking years back and seeing the journeys that artists and OneTaste family have taken and what impact that has had now on our lives and the London creative community. Many artists have given love to the OneTaste stage over this time and a few became like part of the furniture, representing and characterising the essence of OneTaste through their art…

Kate Tempest and Nick Mulvey are two of those artists and played some of their first shows with us and toured with the OneTaste Collective throughout 2007-2009.  They have continued to play shows in these last few years as they have focused more and more deeply, dug into the depths of themselves and come up with gold to share with the rest of us. We have watched these artists develop, try new material, evolve their medium, transitioned through various bands…

From producing countless shows in the mud at festivals to OneTaste Collective rehearsals in small rooms in London, album launches and the like… Watching these artistic journeys from their conception to being nominated for a Mercury has been an honour.  Nick and Kate’s music and words have inspired our scene beyond their knowledge. We are so proud.

Full Guardian article is here.

And here’s a video to bring back memories featuring Nick and Kate, plus the other collective artists. 🙂

Plus brand new OneTaste video…


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