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The PRS For Music Foundation has just announced that it will be supporting our new project for 2017!

OneTaste/Borderless Project is releasing a unique collaborative project and mixtape, revolving around an unreleased composition from the legendary Fela Kuti, to unite multi-generational London mainstream and underground artists and use music as a tool to influence social change.
MASS – Music Against Second Slavery, the theme and title track of the mixtape, will feature a new collaborative recording of the song, plus 11 additional tracks of incredible rising UK artists who make music on the theme of MASS.

With the current political climate and surfacing issues in our city, there has never been a more important time to create musical statements that gives a powerful voice to the roots of London’s diverse culture and we believe Afrobeat, for its tone and history, is the music to unite these powerful voices. “AfroBeat is about social, political and cultural literacy. It confronts the geography of world complacency, greed and fear and calls for a trans-formative insubordination.”

Since 2013, Borderless Beats platform has featured international artists across the UK and Middle East, with sold shows and supporting 36 artists in their creative development. We are so excited to be deepening the work that we are doing with Borderless and our affiliated artists. Announcements about the new artists working on this project will be announced very soon.

Thank you so much to the PRS Foundation for seeing and supporting the vision of OneTaste and Borderless for over 10 years. We’ll keep you all updated in the coming weeks.

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