Daisy Kelly-Granger has been singing all her life. Blessed with a natural stage confidence, aged four she made all the parents at nursery cry after delivering a heart wrenching solo of ‘Away In A Manger’. She got very upset because she thought she’d done something awful.

She joined a gospel choir as a young teenager and fell in love with such passionate and soulful delivery. You might say she let her down a little… The choirmaster saw her potential and one day taught her her first jazz piece, ‘Nancy’ by Frank Sinatra.

Her thirst for jazz and blues became insatiable and she wrote, sang, jammed and scatted all the way around the festival circuit through her mid teens. During that time she met Jamie Woon and Dannii of OneTaste and was given her first paid gig at The Bedford, Balham.

Maybe she didn’t show it, but she felt like she was going to explode with joy! Wow, one could make a living…. making music?

She is currently recording and working on writing new material and has performed in hundreds of different venues and locations all over the UK and more recently some parts of Europe.

Daisy is a keen lover of life and she carries with her an immense amount of drive and positivity that she shares with everyone she meets, and it can be seen so clearly in her passionate, soulful delivery of her heartfelt music.

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Daisy Kelly-Granger

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One Taste Collective

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