Debbie started working with OneTaste after joining the OneTaste Choir in 2009.  She loved the sense of community and the new friendships.  There was also a passion and determination of wanting to put on spectacularly diverse events that came from the others involved with OneTaste that she knew she wanted to be a part of.

Debbie attended The Brit School along with Stac and Jamie Woon and this is where her love for singing and music blossomed.  She has been in bands and performing at venues around London since the age of 16 she has had plenty of experience when it comes to performing and organising bands and gigs.

Having been signed to record label Breakin’ Bread with her former band Lingua Franca and producer Ghost, she continues to perform and will be doing so for as long as she possibly can! Working for OneTaste has certainly helped to keep up the memento of being surrounded by other wonderfully talented and like-minded people, artists and performers.

“What more could I want?!”

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