Speakers Corner Quartet

Speakers Corner has been a notoriously conscious and vocal event. With us, our voice is in our music, you will know what we say when you listen, you will know what we mean when you feel.

Collectively worked alongside Soweto Kinch, David Okumu, DJ Vadim, Jehst, Kyza, Immortal Technique & Blak Twang among others. Performed at The World Famous Jazz Café, The Coronet Theatre, The Royal Festival Hall, The Queen Elizabeth Hall, The Bernie Grants Arts Center & The Roundhouse among others, in the capital, nationwide & international. Solo material in review has been compared to the work of Stravinsky, John Coltrane & J Dilla. All comparisons we are proud to emulate and develop.

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Speakers Corner Quartet

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  1. Emerald

    I am a new poetess and i’m trying to let my words undress the mess left by by generation X and their self-consciousness which became my own and now I spend time with words alone and none of the self conscious bites affect me cos I’ve found the truth and her words reflect me!..
    i digress.. i think your collective is AMAZING and inspires me to write more…and and and… I can’t wait to see you in action!xxx.

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