Mark RonsonCorinne Bailey Rae, Cee Lo Green,The Guillemots and Gilles Peterson are just some of the names who have already discovered the south Londoner Tawiah.

Like many of the chart-bothering elite, Tawiah is a graduate of the Brit School.  But while having the likes of Adele and Leona Lewis among your contemporaries is all well and good, its greatest importance in Tawiah’s story is that it introduced her to Blue and Jodi Milliner – two musicians and producers with whom she continues to enjoy a musical connection with.

Having worked with Corinne Bailey RaeTawiah was still at the Brit School when a call from Mark Ronson offered her a role fronting his touring band: The Version Players, on songs made famous by Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, and Mary J. Blige.  The Battersea teenager subsequently embarked upon a series of global tours before she’d even began any serious recording work, regularly substituting for Amy Winehouse during performances of Ronson’s biggest hit, Valerie.

Back home, Tawiah soon found herself invited to work with the likes of The Guillemots.  But she was eager to spread her wings and progress to become an artist in her own right.

Again working with Jodi MillinerTawiah crafted her independently financed debut EP In Jodi’s Bedroom’, which became a cult favourite on the underground.  It caught the attention of Gilles Peterson, and Tawiah subsequently won his Worldwide Award for Best Newcomer.

Currently working on material for her upcoming debut album, Tawiah can’t be pigeonholed.  Sure, her soulful vocals evoke memories of genre’s past, but her songs cross into increasingly diverse territory.  Inspired by London’s mass of cultures, her sound offers something new on every turn: one moment it conveys melodic pop with a fiercelyindependent attitude, yet the next track might be a modern take on classic ska cut with fierce guitar riffs.

Now signed to Warner Bros. Records, Tawiah’s debut album is planned for release in 2012.

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Tawiah - Break Away (Acoustic Live)

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