Yamit Mamo

Yamit Mamo is known to audiences across the capital for her powerful vocals and sensitive acoustic soul. At a young age Yamit lived in Israel’s Negev desert, before moving back to London where she spent her most formative years. Prior to studying Popular Music and Recording at the University of Salford, Yamit returned to Israel – spending a year connecting to her roots whilst being inspired by the diversity and ethnicity of Israeli music. As well as performing at prestigious venues across London, she’s also performed in the opening of the BBC Proms season- singing to massive crowds in London’s Trafalgar Square in the summer of 2006. Yamit also sung on television making an appearance on the Dr. Who Christmas special in the UK and which is featured on the Dr Who series 3 album. Yamit is a renowned acoustic artist on the festival circuit, receiving rave reviews at events such as Secret Garden Party, Kimberley and Glastonbury for her unique intricacy and stirring vocal power.


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Yamit Mamo - Silent Way

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  1. Anthony

    Love that voice, love that soul, love that talent. Your growing list of admirers will soon get stroppy if you don’t record some of your most popular songs – YouTube is fine, but not enough. Tell the BBC or someone that it’s your turn to put out a decent recording. And it all started (for me) with ‘Love Our Time Today’ at the end of that zany, crazy film, ‘Death at a Funera’ l… Our family still sings it around the house: it’s catchy but profound, too. Who needs more, Yamit? With YOUR voice, it’s all one could need.

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