Little Dragon Show – Best Gig of 2009


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Not much sleep has been had since I left the Jazz Cafe in the small hours of the morning. Not because I’m a workaholic who enjoys getting up on a Saturday for a nice bit of admin, but I can’t sleep because I still have overwhelming amounts of excitable energy in me from last nights show, hence why I’m blogging now instead of getting some rest! A wonderful crowd and mesmeric performances from Stac, Polarbear, Jamie Woon and ofcourse, Little Dragon, plus a stonking DJ set from John Hendicott, made for one of the best nights of entertainment of the year so far.

The enthusiasm for great music and poetry was palpable as a sold out capacity audience and crew gave their full attention and appreciation to each artist and each act in return gave one of their best live performances that I have seen to date. It quite literally made for one of my favourite OneTaste shows of all time.

And thank you for everyone who joined us. The love was felt big time. Come and see us again soon. Thank you again to all the acts. Here are some photos below to give you all a taste of the night. Photos of the night will be posted over the next few days, so keep checking back for updates and check out VIDEOS OF THE NIGHT HERE! And leave a comment at the bottom of the page to tell us what you thought of the night!

Dannii x

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  1. Ayman

    Nice crowd pic. I spotted myself. Bottom left corner, black jacket with a green cardigan and white top underneath. Good night. 🙂

  2. Stac

    I couldn’t sleep either Dannii! Way too much joy in my belly for that!
    Still buzzing in fact!
    Stac xx

  3. Debbie Devorah

    Everything about that night was amazing! My hat goes off to Stac, Jamie and Polar Bear. And what about Little Dragon, I haven’t checked out a band that good in a long time!

    Cheers for a great night x x

  4. OneTaste has opened up a new door of poetry and music, that I have defiantly enjoyed. This is a great opportunity where artist can promote their works passion. Would highly recommend OneTaste for anyone to go and have a good time. Thank you Danni. x

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