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YES!! Our 1st compilation is now available to download! HERE

The day after OneTaste Festival saw the launch of our first compilation!! On 9th November we launched this digital album on iTunes, Amazon, Emusic and other good online outlets.

We hand picked 14 of our favourite tracks of the year, plus OneTaste exclusives such as Portico Quartet's, Midnite Delite and a live track with Bridgette Amofah!

Here's the full track listing:
1. Laura J Martin – What If King
2. Portico Quartet – Midnite Delite
3. Nick Mulvey – All The Things You Are Not Yet
4. The Moulettes – Horses for Hearses
5. Inua Ellams – Twenty Five
6. Stac – Balls Bounce Bonobo Remix
7. Little Dragon – Blinking Pigs
8. The Hat – The Machine
9. Sound of Rum – Icarus
10. Stac and PolarBear – Stop Talkin
11. Gideon Conn – The Man Who Drives Around Selling Fish
12. Polarbear – Alexander The Grape

. Bridgette Amofah – Out of Your Hands
14. Jono McCleery – Darkest Light

Here's what the artists have said about it:

“This compilation draws its magic and cohesiveness from its wonderful eclecticism, from Jono through Polarbear, via Bridgette Amofah, we feel chuffed to be involved with OneTaste and this new release!” – Portico Quartet

“OneTaste basically run London, so having a song on their compilation is a real fillip…A good compilation is like a mix-tape, a true statement of friendship.” – Gideon Conn

“As a band, we’ve always straddled a world outside of just music. In OneTaste we found a stable of artists who are similarly trying to take acoustic based music and spoken word into the 21st century.” Daniel Marcus Clark (The Hat)

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