Thankyou! You lovely people!


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THANK YOU! MASSIVE THANK YOU! To everyone that came down to the OneTaste Festival yesterday:)

What a day! Thank you to all the people that worked and helped at the night and to the artists for making it so special. Thank you to the audience for your love!

Please write a comment below about your experience of the day, be great to hear what you thought and your experience of the festival.

Photos of the night are on our archive festival page. Video and a podcast of the night will be up within the week so keep

checking back.

Thank you so much again, was such a special day. I'll explain why in more detail perhaps once I've had some sleep.

Come see us next in: Brighton 15th November (For any Brighton dwellers, this is the final night of The Hanbury Club being open so come and send them off in style with us!

Hammersmith at OneTastWest – 19th November

and OneTaste's 5th Birthday on 13th December! More on that soon 🙂

Big love and zzzz's

Dannii x xx

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  1. Debbie Devorah

    Well done Dannii and to everyone that helped organise such an amazing event yesterday. The acts were brilliant and the whole set up was so much bigger and better than I expected. Thanks very much for my fun filled Sunday.
    Debbie x x

  2. Thanks Debbie! Glad you enjoyed it! We had a great time! Everything people brought to it was quite overwhelming. Folk in a box….Antic Establishment…Bearded Kitten film crew mayhem! It was just brilliant! Dannii x

  3. Kerstee Fairy

    Dannii you star!
    Amayonnaising with Awesome Sauce; what a day, what a night!
    Favourite bits were Folk In A Box (beyond the beyond of beyond, if you missed it, you missed out) and David Goo as always rocking out. Daniel Clark/nee Dan The Hat as always most beautiful and amusing.
    Also first time I had seen The Correspondents so that was pretty amazing too.
    All in all, 53 out of 5 Dannii. How are you possibly going to top that?! Can’t wait though, ‘cos I know you will!
    Big love atchoo, from me xxx

  4. Jo

    Enjoyed everything about the festival from the easy parking to the gorgeous fairies walking amongst us, great acts, fabulous venue which was unexpected, the giant bubbles floating down around Newton, happy people, singing along….