Countdown to Christmas with OneTaste!


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Ho Ho Ho!

OneTaste have teamed up with the creators of The Original Facebook online Advent Calendar to bring you exclusive daily OneTaste audio and visual treats to celebrate the count down to Christmas! Watch content, read quotes and play games every day from 1st Dec!

Join our page on Facebook! And go get your free Xmas artist treat everyday at this page!

Expect previews of the ONETASTE COLLECTIVE ALBUM VOL.3 (out 13th December) and Christmas aceness from Scroobius Pip, Kate Tempest, Polarbear, Gideon Conn, Holly Walker, Daniel Marcus Clark, The OneTaste Choir,

Eska and more!

Click ‘I’m Attending’ and we will see you (in binary) on 1st December for your first christmas present!

Love OneTaste x

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