OneTaste launches its first workshop!


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Hi OneTaste family,

Thank you to everyone who came to Little Dragon last night at The Garage, what a great night!

I'm excited to announce that OneTaste is now starting a series of workshops, one a month at a brand new venue in Old St, The Book Club!  We thought it was about time that we generic cialis from india all got to know the artists that play OneTaste on a more personal level and develop our own creative talents learn from the best music an

d spoken word acts around.

This is the first one we're doing - Spoken Word writing workshop with Paradox 30th March. The Arts Council have funded these workshops so that we're able to offer them to you at the massive discount of £5, plus a free glass of wine with the ticket!

Reserve your place HERE.

And hope to see you on the 20th!

Dannii x x

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