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What an incredible night! We truly couldn't have asked for a better venue or better audience! The OneTaste showcase at The Hospital Club really kicked of this year with warmth, laughs and goodness. Back only hours after the show, I'm sitting here on my sofa, feeling compelled to update the website and tell everyone how very grateful I am to all that came down and to the artists. Jono, Park Bench Poet, Laura Dockrill, Inua and new edition to the OneTaste fam, Holly Walker, brought their own individual talent and tone to create a rollercoaster of an evening.

Jono sent magic round the room with warm soul and presence like no other, whilst Laura just went mental with the most commitment and intelligence that I have seen come out of an artist in a long time. She had us falling off our chairs with laughter. Inua brought it all back to the OneTaste roots with classic poems that are reminiscent of our early days but with a new poise and delive

ry developed no doubt from his rigorous rehearsing for his new show. Holly Walker disarmed the audience with her stunning Cassidy-like voice, only to realise that she was singing obscenities about gashes, plane crashes and the vending men on long distance train journeys! Amazing. And to finish off the show we had the marvellous Park Bench Poet that just puts life into perspective within a few bars of a tune. Sweet, honest, soulful and beatsy, they filled the room with warmth.

Thanks again to the Hospital Club for having us down. If you attended this show, please tell us what you thought by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page. And photos and audio of the night will be up soon on the site so keep checking back!

See you on the 4th or the 20th March!

Dannii x

Photo of Laura taken by Craig Thomas.

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  1. Robin Block

    …another awesome One Taste event. Can’t wait for the next one!

  2. Stac

    It really was ruddy marvelous.