OneTaste at SGP 2011 here we come!


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It’s nearly T minus 24 hours until we kick off the OneTaste Arena at Secret Garden Party 2011 with our incredible

Opening Ceremony!

We are all so uber excited with the three and a half days worth of Music, Spoken Word and Workshops we have lined up, ready and waiting to explode into the SGP sphere of joy.

We have: Franky and the Jacks, Bunty, More Like Trees, Arena Caberet, Paradox, John Berkovitch, Joshua Idehen, Alex Iamb, Rob Auton, Rachel Rose Reid, Natasha Moskovici, Dougie Hastings, Roxy Rawson, Bear, Lail Arad, Tanya Auclair, ESKA, Gideon Conn, Moulettes, Bane, Jont, Fiona Bevan, Holly Walker, Nick Mulvey, Amber States and The Smokey Taps

As well as The Moringa Tree presents: Kudashe Matimba, Harare, AJ Holmes & The Hackney Empire, DJ John Hendicott, DJ Vamanos & MC Kastro.

We also have: Park Bench Poet, OneTaste Choir, Bernhoft, The Origin Hours, La Mort Subite & Joe Driscoll

PLUS an UBER very VERY Special Guest…JAMIE WOON!

And if that is not enough amazingness…we top it all off with these fantastic workshops and events: Interactive Dance, Contact Meltdown, 1 Giant Leap, Laughing Works, Yoga, Clowning Dan, Thick Free Live, Lucid Dreaming, Happiness Workshop, Contact Yoga, Art of Meaning, Into the Jungle, Flying Low & Games, Puppet Your God, Expand with The Faun, Art & The Changing World, OneTaste Collective Jam & OneTaste Arena Parade!


To keep you going throughout the weekend we also have the most amazing OneTaste Cafe!

Now to the fields!

If you are not able to join us – follow us on Twitter where our lovely resident OneTaste tweeter PR and Promo Lady, Jess Fleming, will keep you all abreast of the amazing garden gathering goings-on!

See you there,

OneTaste xx

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