OneTaste Festival 2011


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Our 6th annual OneTaste Festival is here!

We are so excite

d about this event, not only because the wonders of Alice Russell, John Adeleye, Jono McCleery, Nick Mulvey and 30 more acts are playing, but also because we get to share with you showcases from our favourite collectives around London that are making waves on the creative scenes:

Wah Wah 45s‘ bring their best live dance acts.

Arena Artists grave us with cosmic surrealist cabaret and The Moringa Tree are bringing the New Sounds of Africa right past our doorstep and into our party!

This festival is for you to come and discover your new favourite artists emerging out of the UK and feel inspired by the whirlwind of a day and night of jam packed with creativity in one place for one time only.

All info and how to get your tickets: HERE!

(NB – £17 EARLY BIRD tickets are going off sale at 12pm Friday 14 Oct!)

For all Press Enquiries – please contact Jess Fleming at:

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