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It has been just over a week since we kicked off our Opening Ceremony for the OneTaste Arena at

Secret Garden Party 2011!

There are SO many people to thank – the list is p

ractically endless! However, for such an epically amazing few days, one must still keep ones standards of manners high, thus:

Thank you SO much to all the crew, artists, workshopers, volunteers, riggers, production teams, tech teams, decorators, cake/curry/salad makers, revellers, audiences, listeners, participators…(lots of plurals)…for making our OneTaste at Secret Garden Party Arena the most amazing ever!

We had such the most wonderful time meeting so many new faces and especially warm and fuzzy feelings with the innumerate number of reunions of artists and audience members alike.

Thank you!


Big love from us ladies of OneTaste xx

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  1. natali

    It was amazing indeed! I believe the whole of Arena feels so happy to have share with you guys, my respect for every one who made it possible. ANd it was so good to see so many people laughing!

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