Thank you for a glorious evening!


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HUGE thank you’s going out to Holly Walker, Andy Craven-Griffiths,

ong>Moats & Thrones, Raymond Antrobus, More Like Trees, OneTaste Choir and the amazing Paradox for hosting such an eclectic array of fantastic music and spoken word down at The Bedford in Balham!

It was

such a wonderful evening and we are so thrilled so many people came down to see us and listen to the wonderful artists who performed.

We are sorry to all those who tuned in online for the large delay to the ‘live’ streaming! We did try to correct this at the time but we just weren’t able to, but we do hope you enjoyed it a lot all the same!

Don’t forget to check out our next shows:

It’s going to be a darn splendid month ahead!

Big love to you all,

OneTaste x

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