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A huge huge thank you to everyone one of you who came down to our first ever Favela Chic show!

It was so incredible to see so many regular faces but a ridiculous number faces we’ve never seen before and had never

even been to a OneTaste event – how they haven’t I have no idea, but it was bloody lovely to have you all there,

old & new!

Big thank you to the artists Marques Toliver, Tanya Auclair, MC Angel, The Bonfire Band, Dougie Hastings, the OneTaste Choir and of course the brilliant Alex Gwyther for hosting!

Photos of the night will be uploaded to our Facebook page asap so you can see some of the highlights of the night itself.

Make sure you sign up to our mailing list for all future shows and come down to the next Favela Chic gig on 10th April (details to be confirmed!).

Big love to you all,

OneTaste x

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