We want YOU to pick our new OneTaste Graphic Designer!


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Over the past three weeks we have opened our doors to find the new OneTaste Graphic Designer!

We have had so many amazing applications and design entries for our new OneTaste Open Mic flyer.

We have now short listed these down to five designs and we want YOU to make the final decision on which design best sings out OneTaste and who gets the job!

We would like to say a really big THANK YOU to all who applied to be our

new OneTaste Graphic Designer!

The vote will be concluded and our new designer announced on Monday 2nd


Please take a look at the flyer designs and vote below!

OneTaste x


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  1. Johnny Burrage

    awesome bit of typography

  2. Ellie

    Beautiful drawing and composition. Also simple strong use of copy!!

  3. Julian

    I would vote differently for “the best flyer” (best at enticing us to go to this event) and for “the best designer” (focusing chiefly on visual quality), if that makes sense? They are all good designers congratulations for making the top five!

  4. Matthew DaCosta

    Nice work

  5. Luke

    Very cool. All high quality flyers.

  6. Emma Watling

    Love Stu’s design!

  7. Ying Johnson

    this is the one caught my eyes

  8. cecilia


  9. Marie

    It was hard cuz I like the Stuart Wright’s too!!

  10. mauro

    i love it!

  11. james mclagen


  12. Stephanie

    Totally striking.

  13. Stephanie

    I like Lisa Johnson’s work too

  14. Really like Sean Redmonds work!

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