2015 – Original OneTaste crew having their year.


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2015 has been a big year for the original artists that made up the OneTaste Collective.

From Nick Mulvey‘s rise into the charts and every Nero coffee shop across the UK with his debut album, ‘First Mind’, to Kate Tempest touring the US, giving one of the best performances at Glastonbury Festival and becoming a presenter on Radio 6, and Jamie Woon releasing his new music after 4 years underground crafting the new (but old) sound, the crew are now spread far and wide, but have simultaneously released and performed their most refined work yet and many still in collaboration with each other.

Jono McCleery has just released his 3rd album, ‘Pagodes’ on Ninja Tune, produced by friend, Royce Wood Junior and is touring and singing with Portico across the world.  Kate has her first novel about to be released, ‘The Bricks that Built the Houses’ on Bloomsbury Press.

Bridgette Amofah is touring the globe with Rudimental. And Polarbear has released his second novel for young people…

In our 10th year being a megaphone for exceptional underground talent… these artists doing their thing, inspiring the world… Proud doesn’t really cover it.

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