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Dannii, your host and founder of OneTaste will be bringing together an all star cast of musicians and poets for a night of celebration and freestyle to welcome in the New Year!

On 5th January 2017, Dannii’s singing teacher dared her to begin the year with a new show, wholly improvised with emerging poets and musicians from the UK scene in which she would also jam with the band and blur the boundary between audience and artist.

The show was such a success that we’re hosting another one this year to begin 2018 together!

6th January we will be at the Servants Quarters, an intimate setting, with an upright piano and an atmosphere so special, it’s capable of transporting you back in time to some speakeasy in 1920s downtown Manhattan.

Dannii, the house band and a surprise line up of artists will be there to sing in the new year.

See you there!

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